You’re looking for new patients. We can help them  find you. puts everything patients are looking for—information, community, and an authoritative directory of dentists—where they live online.

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Online Self Appointing

Patients who hate phones love

the easy self-appointing of

Streamlined Search

Patients can research dental care,

dental practices, and available

appointment times, all in one

place, online.

More Patients.

Educating Consumers

Patient education, access to experts, and a community forum encourages patients to seek out and accept treatment.

Elevating dentistry

We’re raising national awareness of the dentist’s role in improving overall health.

More Dentistry.

online appointing
online appointing

Here’s the big (and better) idea. Are you in?

At, we’re trying harder—not just to find you more patients, but to really create a connection between you, those patients, the value of dentistry, and the value of good overall health. Here’s how:


We’re offering consumers up-to-date, easy to stand information, news, and expert perspectives about all things dental. To increase their knowledge, their perception about dentistry, and their confidence to seek out and accept treatment.


Our online community brings dental professionals and consumers together to share questions, information, and ideas to get people talking about dental health and feeling a part of its incredible importance.


An authoritative directory of dentists lets patients search in their area for the dentist who bests suits their needs. And easy self-appointing offers patients information and convenience where they want it and when they want it, online.

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